I am Rev. Vicky Homann, pastor of the Spiritualist Desert Church in Las Vegas.  I began my journey into Spiritualism in the 1970’s.  I lived in Houston Texas and attended the First Church of Divine Science with the Reverend Charles Jessup.  After two years, I moved back to Minnesota and occasionally attended the church in St. Paul.  In February of 2001, I moved to Las Vegas and discovered the Spiritualist Desert Church which was founded by the Reverend Catherine Stewart in 1987.  I transferred my membership in 2001.  In 2002, I began my studies in Morris Pratt and I am in the process of completing the course.

    In May of 2002, the Spiritualist Desert Church had to close it doors because of the ill health of the Reverend Catherine Stewart.  In January of 2003, the day before she past to spirit, I talked to her about continuing the NSAC charter of the church.  In February of 2003, seven people got together and made the final arrangements of reopening the church.  We opened the doors to the church in March of 2003.  Since that time, our membership has grown and we have members in 5 states and Canada and England.  In October of 2006, we hosted the 114th National NSAC convention here is Las Vegas, which was a huge undertaking.

    We are a small church with strong and supportive members and friends of the church.  I am very proud to be a member of the Spiritualist Desert Church of Las Vegas.